Wednesday, August 24, 2016

University of Wyoming Financial Crisis Advisory Committee looks for budget options - Thaddeus Mast, Laramie Boomerang

After two months of work, the University of Wyoming Financial Crisis Advisory Committee is making headway in its search for budget reductions at the University of Wyoming, although much work still needs to be completed. Stephen Bieber, director of the Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center and chair of the committee, said the entire 13-member group fully understands the situation UW is in. “It’s very complex — almost anything we consider is interwoven,” he said. “We’ve got our head around this notion of how to approach the situation.” The group’s goal is to find $15 million in revenue and cuts for the fiscal year 2018 budget. This would be on top of the about $19 million goal UW President Laurie Nichols is eliminating from the fiscal year 2017 budget, of which she has already identified more than $16 million.

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