Friday, September 30, 2016

Discounted tuition draws Illinois students to Wisconsin university - Rock Island Today

Thanks to a decade of beefing up recruitment, more Illinois students are crossing the border to enjoy lower tuition at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Just 30 minutes from the Iowa and Illinois borders and two hours from the quad cities, Illinois students make up 16 percent of the incoming class of Platteville freshman this year — up from just 8 percent 10 years ago. Through the university’s Tri-State Initiative, students from Illinois and Iowa get discounted tuition. While they pay about $4,000 more than in-state residents, the total annual price tag is just $18,374. With tuition and fees coming in at $12,184, the price appeals to anyone who sees Illinois in-state rates and gets sticker shock. The average cost of tuition for residents is $13,660 at Illinois State University and ranges from $15,700 to $20,700 at the University of Illinois.

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