Friday, September 16, 2016

Wyoming's Wild Ride - Rick Seltzer, Inside Higher Ed

The University of Wyoming finds itself in the middle of a massive budget storm with new leadership struggling not to fly blind. The 13,000-student institution has made it part of the way though the cuts needed to offset the loss of $41 million in state funding over two years. While steep cuts are nothing new for the university, which is heavily reliant on public funding in a boom-or-bust state that draws much of its money from the energy and mining sectors, they come at a time when it is particularly vulnerable. A new president, Laurie Nichols, took over in May after a recent history of unsettled leadership at the university. She is pushing for a new strategic plan that would be Wyoming's first in years. The institution is also in the midst of reviewing academic programs with low enrollment, and it is preparing to migrate to a new financial accounting and reporting system widely regarded as being sorely needed.

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