Monday, October 17, 2016

Chicago State University Faces Bleak Future as Only 86 Freshmen this Year - Chris Brandt, University Herald

This semester seems like a bad time for the Chicago State University as the total freshman enrollees this year is less than a hundred. According to school officials, enrollment has been in decline for the past six years but the past year caused alarm for the school. According to a report released by the university, enrollment has dropped almost a half since 2010. The report said that the total population of the Far South side campus now is 3,578, which is a very big drop compared to its 7,362 2010 population. The decline has been alarming since the recent number of enrollees is smaller than the population of a local kindergarten school. In fact, overall enrollment of the university decreased by 25 percent while enrollment for its undergraduate programs is down by 32 percent just within a year.

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