Sunday, November 20, 2016

CUPB hears budget update, FLSA changes - Cassie Buchman, Daily Eastern

The university has been sending the state a voucher, saying it has paid the expenses. The voucher is submitted to the state, which pays it out to the university when they have the money. “We’re waiting to spend enough on utilities so we can voucher that, so we will be close to having vouchered everything that we can on the $26.2 million we received from the state on June 30,” McCann said. He said most of what the university did is carry that back into 2016 and use 2016 expenditures to cover that $26.2 million. “The idea was to give us the most possible flexibility moving forward, so if we used those dollars in ’16 to cover this stopgap budget, then we have additional expenses in ’17 when they appropriate something for ’17 and we’re not having to scramble,” McCann explained. During the meeting, McCann talked about an update to the Fair Labor Standards Act, which mandates that everybody who makes under $47,000 or $46,000 must be paid overtime.

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