Tuesday, November 8, 2016

War of words continues between two sides of IPFW cost-cutting measures - Justin Kenny, news-sentinel

The war of words continues between IPFW officials and those opposed to the University Strategic Alignment Process looking to trim millions of dollars from the university's budget by cutting degree programs. On Friday, IPFW faculty released a public vote of no confidence in Chancellor Vicky Carwein, asking for her resignation and also the termination of USAP's cost-cutting measures and the plan to split the university into two separate entities. Recent pressures created by changed from within and from without the institution have exposed Chancellor Carwein's multiple failures of leadership, which have imperiled IPFW's future and undermined its mission to provide students in our region with a high quality, affordable education at a comprehensive university," the release said. "We have no confidence in the Chancellor's ability to provide leadership to IPFW (at) this point in our history." http://www.news-sentinel.com/news/local/War-of-words-continues-between-two-sides-of-IPFW-cost-cutting-measures

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