Saturday, December 31, 2016

Infographic: Cost of College - DataPoints

Community colleges continue to offer the lowest tuition and fees across all sectors of higher education. In 2016-17, the average estimate of full-time cost for a student to attend a community college was $17,000, which included an average $3,520 for tuition, $8,060 for room and board, $1,390 for books and supplies, $1,760 for transportation and $2,270 for other expenses. (Students often pay much less than the “sticker price” after student aid and other benefits are factored in.) Community colleges had a 1.7 percent average annual increase (inflation-adjusted) in tuition and fees compared to the previous year. Tuition and mandatory fees represent only 21 percent of the cost of community college students who live off campus. At public four-year institutions, they account for 39 percent of the total cost of $24,610.

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