Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A look inside SIUE budget management - Logan Cameron, Edwardsville Intelligencer

The discussion continues regarding the importance of involving SIUE staff in such budgetary restructuring decisions. “Although it has been a difficult time dealing with and managing the budgets, it does provide an opportunity to closely look at how things are being done, how things may be done differently than in the past, and looking at ways to make processes more efficient and streamlined, so that processes can be improved. It’s important to involve staff, because they are the ones who are actually doing the work. So, their buy-in and ideas are necessary to improve upon things.” Budzban concurs, “We must not be afraid to give staff ownership of idea generation initiatives for solving efficiency problems. We also must not try and unilaterally impose ideas, but rather let them flow upward from the grass roots.”

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