Thursday, January 19, 2017

Local colleges continue to struggle with uncertain state funding - Felix Sarver, Herald-News

As Illinois enters 2017 without a budget in place, higher education institutions such as Joliet Junior College continue to struggle with the uncertainty of state funding. JJC spokeswoman Kelly Rohder said the impact of the state budget impasse on the community college has been ongoing since the crisis started in 2015. One area where students are struggling is with Monetary Award Program grants. Students will enter a second semester without them. JJC advanced more than $1 million in MAP grants last school year, but was unable to do so this year. The Illinois Student Assistance Commission, which administers MAP grants, stated in a Dec. 14 news release that funding for MAP and ISAC grants and scholarship programs for the current academic year have not been appropriated because of the delay of the state’s budget.

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