Wednesday, January 25, 2017

OK Chancellor urges lawmakers to make higher ed a priority - Kathryn McNutt, The Oklahoman

Chancellor Glen Johnson told lawmakers Friday that "higher education has got a game plan" to increase both college access and college graduates, and he asked them to help achieve those goals. During a budget hearing in the House chamber, Johnson defended higher education's role in workforce development. A 16 percent cut in state appropriations last year has created difficulties for Oklahoma's 25 public colleges and universities and the 414,000 students they serve, Johnson said. The top priority is making sure those students earn a meaningful degree so they can get a good job and contribute to Oklahoma's economy, he said. "We took a big cut last year. We hope we're more of a priority this year to be able to produce the college degrees to meet those job needs," Johnson said. "We all have a responsibility to build a stronger future for that future generation."

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