Monday, January 30, 2017

University of Iowa bracing for big cuts - Vanessa Miller The Gazette

University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld has directed those in charge of each of his campus’ budget units to start prioritizing and to “be prepared,” in the face of potential cuts to state support that’s already been allocated for the current budget year. “President Harreld has been very good at saying you need to sit down and look at prioritizing things, and at the end of the day, be prepared,” UI Provost Barry Butler said while speaking Thursday to the Iowa City Noon Rotary Club. Gov. Terry Branstad earlier this week proposed $110 million in de-appropriations for this budget year after tax collections came in lower than projected. Higher education, and specifically the Board of Regents, is facing the biggest hit with the governor proposing taking back $25.6 million from the regents and another $8.7 million from community colleges. It’s unclear how the Board of Regents would divvy up those cuts among its three public universities — should lawmakers approve Branstad’s proposal.

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