Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Former governor's proposed $7.5 million budget cut could eliminate DSU’s nursing department - Kalsey Stults, Dickinson Press

Dickinson State University President Thomas Mitzel outlined in an open forum Friday what a $7.5 million proposed budget cut would mean for DSU faculty, staff and students. Mitzel will be speaking to the state Legislature Monday about the former Gov. Jack Dalrymple's recommended budget to showcase the successes of DSU in the last year and demonstrate what a budget cut of that magnitude would mean for the college on the hill. "What I am going to be telling the Legislature, what I've been telling you all here and what I firmly believe and what I think you all know, is right now, DSU is in a very strong position academically, socially and reputation-wise," said Mitzel. "The numbers I am going to be showing you today are not all going to be fun, but what I would tell everybody right now is that we are working extremely hard to try to get the support we need for the next biennium."

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