Sunday, February 19, 2017

How Trump's War on Science Might Hurt the University of Washington - Ethan Linck, UW Slog

By targeting three of the largest sources of federal research and development funding, these orders quickly provoked outrage among scientists, whose jobs, students, and research often depend on this support. They also raised questions about the impact of what massive funding cuts would mean for the many public institutions that rely on them—none of which have as large a stake as University of Washington. The economic impact of this investment on our state and the broader region has been enormous: in the 2015 fiscal year alone (PDF), for instance, the UW brought in over a billion dollars of federal funding, generating an estimated $12.5 billion in economic impact and contributing to the salaries of 14,251 employees. How daily operations and research output will actually be affected by an anti-science, budget-slashing Trump administration will depend on which agencies are targeted for reductions in funding.

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