Sunday, March 5, 2017

UConn cannot continue to sacrifice higher education budget tuition - the Daily Campus

UConn pays over $200 million in taxes, is responsible for almost 25,000 “supported jobs” and accounts for a $3.4 billion total economic impact, according to a study commissioned by the university and conducted by Tripp Umbach, a private consulting firm. A beneficiary of the state’s NextGen investment in STEM, UConn is currently seeing state funds dwindle year by year. Connecticut is in a difficult position economically, and Gov. Dannel Malloy has been forced to make budget cuts. Yet, it seems UConn, and higher education in general, are first on the chopping block whenever state budget reductions are deemed necessary. For instance, the proposed budget reduces $25 million from Connecticut state colleges and universities, according to the Connecticut Post; and UConn is staring down a four percent overall decrease in state funding, per the Daily Campus.

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