Friday, April 28, 2017

Florida college leaders fighting budget cuts - USA Breaking News

As the Florida Legislature moves forward with cuts to state colleges and universities, leaders at Southwest Florida’s largest institution of higher education are speaking out about what they see as misrepresentations of their spending practices. State College of Florida President Carol Probstfeld is questioning the rationale put forward in both the House and the Senate for budget cuts. She was particularly forceful this week in pushing back against a proposal by the House to cut $4.4 million from SCF’s operating budget, an 18 percent reduction in state funding. House leaders want SCF and other state colleges to use money from their reserves to compensate for the one-time cut in funding. Lawmakers argue that colleges and universities have too much money in the bank, and should spend some of it before the Legislature gives them more. But Probstfeld said SCF’s reserve funds are earmarked for a range of college priorities, including construction projects that would have to be delayed.

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