Friday, April 14, 2017

Questions about UW System foundations loom over budget deliberations - NICO SAVIDGE and MATTHEW DeFOUR, Wisconsin State Journal

Fitzgerald’s comments hint, however, that UW’s budget outlook, which started rosy when Gov. Scott Walker proposed over $100 million in new funding for the System, might not stay that way. “If the UW System does not make an affirmative and aggressive attempt to clarify the interaction between the foundations and public institutions and UW campuses, I just think it’s going to be in the back of members’ minds when you get to the UW’s portion of the budget and they start talking about how much revenue is going to be in this budget for the System,” Fitzgerald told reporters Thursday. “It’s a dark cloud that’s out there that I know is going to be on members’ minds when you ask them to support different aspects of the budget when it comes to the UW.”

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