Friday, April 21, 2017

Senate Budget Slams Texas’s Colleges and Universities - R.G. Ratcliffe, Texas Monthly

Someday in the future, it’s possible that the doctor you might want to repair your heart or deliver your baby or just simply tell you to live a healthier lifestyle may not be there, because the young man or woman who was eager to become a doctor never got that opportunity. Because of state budget cuts offered by the Texas Senate, at least one state medical school already has closed its doors to about fifty potential members of the class of 2021. Such is the impact that proposed budget reductions could have on Texas’s colleges and universities. “We are committed to work closely with the state legislature, and while we will not know the final outcome before the end of the regular session on Mary 29, 2017, we must prepared today, based on the current budget proposals,” wrote Carrie L. Byington, vice chancellor for health services at Texas A&M University in a letter to the students

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