Saturday, April 15, 2017

Southern Illinois University budget woes; Edwardsville having to bailout Carbondale - Andy Banker, Fox

There has been a bit of outrage at SIU-Edwardsville over news of more budget cuts while, at the same time, the Edwardsville campus will help cover a financial bailout for SIU-Carbondale. One SIUE staffer quipped, “If Carbondale doesn't pay us back we should get their football team.” “I think I used the word ‘abomination,’” said SIU System President Randy Dunn, describing the State of Illinois’ ongoing budget debacle. Dunn fielded questions from a crowd of students and staff at SIUE on Thursday. Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is proposing a 15 percent cut in higher education funding, with the legislature continually unable to actually pass a budget and money trickling out from time to time in stop-gap spending measures.

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