Monday, April 17, 2017

Teachers, Lawyers And Others Worry About The Fate Of Student Debt Forgiveness - Anya Kamanetz, NPR

Under a program known as Public Service Loan Forgiveness, some student loan borrowers were supposed to be able to have the balance of their student loans forgiven after ten years of both on-time payments and eligible work in the public sector. Meaning, a qualifying nonprofit, federal, local, state, or tribal government. The program started in 2007, so the first debt was set to be forgiven this coming fall. They had followed all the necessary steps to qualify for forgiveness. They'd enrolled in the correct repayment program and filled out an Employment Certification Form with FedLoan Servicing, which acts on behalf of the Education Department. On March 23, the department responded to the suit, saying, "FedLoan Servicing's response to the ECF does not reflect a final agency action on the borrower's qualifications for PSLF."

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