Friday, April 7, 2017

University-wide layoffs leave staff dismayed - Kristina Deyong, SLU University News

On March 7, just a few days before spring break, St. Louis University President Fred Pestello sent out an email calling students’ attention to an issue that had been on staff members’ minds for months: the 120 layoffs made in order to combat SLU’s current $16 million deficit. As a result of this deficit, consulting company Bain & Co. was hired last year to help identify points of financial waste and to provide possible solutions to these problem areas. In short, their suggested budget cuts were too large to be met without layoffs. Staff members had known for months that the layoffs were going to take place. According to one staff member who wished to remain anonymous, her department was notified in January. They were told that there was a “magic number” that had to be met and that this number was large enough to necessitate layoffs.

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