Monday, May 15, 2017

Recruitment suffers from lack of staff, budget An+empty+Center+for+Academic+Writing+will+only+become+more+common+as+furloughs+continue+to+be+pushed+on+staff+and+faculty++by+the+NEIU+administration.+ Rut Ortiz An empty Center for Academic Writing will only become more common as furloughs continue to be pushed on staff and faculty by the NEIU administration. - Sarahy Lopez, NEIU Independent

This past week’s Forward 150 discussion was “Recruitment 101,” in which the retention rates of students to the university were examined in a presentation by Dr. Janice Herring-Hendon, associate vice president for enrollment services. Strategies to bring in freshman, students from other universities and receiving more graduate students were discussed within the panel. The lack of a state budget is creating an effect that trickles down to student recruitment and retainment. Students are applying and attending other state colleges and universities because the budget crisis has “created an ominous back-drop,” according to Herring-Hendon.

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