Saturday, May 6, 2017

State funding cuts to University of Alaska could deeply impact rural campuses - Avery Lill, KDLG

University of Alaska campuses are bracing for change as the university system faces up to $22 million in cuts from the state. University administration are entertaining several different long-term options to reduce the costs, which it is calling Strategic Pathways. Some of the options could have profound effects on higher education in rural Alaska. “The purpose of Strategic Pathways is to give the president options of how to proceed with the budget cuts that are coming,” said Vivian Viar, the assistant director of the Bristol Bay Campus in Dillingham. “There are six avenues that Strategic Pathways lists. The community campuses are leaning toward option six, which is just increased collaboration among the other community colleges in Alaska. However, the president is leaning toward the learning center option unfortunately.” That option would decrease education opportunities in the region dramatically Viar said.

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