Friday, June 2, 2017

FACULTY AND STAFF RESPOND TO FY18 BUDGET WITH CONCERN - Nick Turner, Seattle University Spectator

“We’re in real trouble,” Chris Paul said over the phone on Monday. “Running SU costs more money every year, and we’re making less money every year. That’s a crisis.” Paul is an associate professor of communication and journalism in the College of Arts and Sciences. He’s also President of the Faculty Staff Senate, a shared-governance body comprised of 11 faculty and staff members. Evidently, he’s not alone in believing that Seattle U is experiencing what some are calling a budget “crisis.” The Faculty Staff Senate (FSS) gathered for its spring plenary meeting on Tuesday, May 9 where they discussed, among other things, deepening concerns over the questionable working conditions and compensation of faculty and staff and rumored budget cuts in colleges across the campus.

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