Tuesday, July 4, 2017

University of Alaska budget cut by $8 million in legislative compromise - Tegan Hanlon, Alaska Dispatch

University of Alaska's community campuses, such as University of Alaska Fairbanks' Bristol Bay Campus in Dillingham, Alaska, could face dramatic changes as the university faces further funding cuts from the state. The University of Alaska faces a softer blow than the nearly $22 million cut proposed by the state Senate. A Legislature conference committee on Wednesday cut the University’s budget $8 million. The state Legislature’s conference committee cut $8 million from the University of Alaska’s budget on Wednesday, a softer blow than the nearly $22 million reduction proposed by the state Senate. The six-member committee approved the UA budget without discussion at the meeting early Wednesday evening. Under the approved UA operating budget, the university system will receive $317 million in state funding for 2017-18, down from the $325 million it got in the current fiscal year. n an email to students and staff earlier this month, UA President Jim Johnsen said an $8 million cut would “severely impact” UA services and would result in the total reduction of $61 million, or 16 percent, over the past four years. http://www.ktoo.org/2017/06/22/university-alaska-budget-cut-8-million-legislative-compromise/

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