Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Penn continues to face an uncertain future on state funding for the coming fiscal year - Haley Suh, Daily Pennsylvanian

Penn's battle to secure funding from the Pennsylvania state budget for the upcoming fiscal year has not ended yet. The final proposal for the $32 billion budget was passed by state legislators at the end of June. It restored funding of $30.1 million to Penn Vet, which Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf had proposed eliminating in his budget address in February. But a month on, legislators have yet to agree on a plan for how to fund this proposal. The legislature reconvened in Harrisburg this past weekend to discuss the matter, but have yet to announce a resolution. Until the budget is balanced — which means the total revenue would be equal to the total expenditure — Penn and three other “state-related” universities will not receive funding. http://www.thedp.com/article/2017/08/penn-vet-upenn-philly-pa-state-budget

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