Wednesday, September 13, 2017

4-H mentor worries about funding - JOSHUA QUALL, Herald Dispatch

Funding for the national 4-H organization might be at risk of cuts in the federal budget next year, and the West Virginia University Extension Service is worried its youth mentoring programs could be wiped out if nothing is done to prevent that from happening. The national organization cost the federal government about $10 million in grants this year, according to audited financial statements, and 4-H workers are hearing its funding could be slashed to as low as $3 million next year. "All of the things that I do in the county would completely go away, including my job," said Leslie Lehman, 4-H's visiting instructor and mentoring leader in Cabell County. "We try to take (kids) on a lot of different trips, especially a winter trip, and we wouldn't be able to do that anymore."

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