Wednesday, September 6, 2017

College sports on the chopping block - Nick Erickson, Dakota Student

In the past two fiscal years, UND has cut five sports programs. Men’s baseball and men’s golf were cut in the spring of 2016 so we’ve had a year to adjust to their absence. However, it’s still something people hated to see go. In the last fiscal year, UND athletics had to make their biggest chop on the highly avoided road of budget cuts after it was said that the university would have to make another round of cuts to drop its budget by over $1.3 million. Then came the outrage. In January, UND chose to cut its men’s and women’s swimming and diving, as well as the women’s hockey program. Yes, it may sound like the Band-Aid is being ripped off again by mentioning it, however we need to see the numbers in line with other budget cuts that have happened around the region in our neighboring state of Minnesota to see just how devastating these cuts were. St. Cloud State University, one of our hockey rivals, recently made cuts that impacted six sports.

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