Tuesday, April 6, 2021

University of Idaho rolling out new budget model - Scott Jackson, Daily News

 The University of Idaho announced this week it has moved to the execution phase of a new budgeting model that administrators hope will help build savings while rewarding performance. In a virtual presentation to faculty and staff Thursday, UI President Scott Green said the university accumulated operating losses of about $45 million over the past three years but thanks to a system-wide effort to “right-size” the budget, the university exited fiscal year 2020 with a modest surplus of about $900,000. While this is encouraging, Green noted the UI ran a deficit of about $5 million in December of last year and operating reserves have a negative balance of around $10 million — the state requires a reserve balance of around $20 million — saying “Obviously there’s more to do.”https://dnews.com/local/university-of-idaho-rolling-out-new-budget-model/article_b6323766-d7c3-51c4-9b71-986ed8847ad7.html