Sunday, November 19, 2023

University of Arizona Heading for ‘Draconian’ Budget Cuts; Sports Could Be Cut - David Rieder, Swimming World

In the midst of a dramatic budget shortfall, the University of Arizona has announced plans to make enormous cuts, which could include entire athletics programs. The school recently realized that its budget projection model for 2023 was off by $240 million, meaning that the school had only 97 days of cash on hand instead of a projected 156 days. This week, Arizona President Robert Robbins told the school’s monthly faculty senate meeting, “This is going to require some draconian cuts” after he and chief financial officer Lisa Rulney described the situation as a “financial crisis,” according to Robbins added,” I did know we were spending money, but I thought we had the reserves to spend money on… But this is a big miscalculation.”