Tuesday, December 9, 2014

SIU Plans for Possible State Budget Cuts - Randy Livingston, WSIL TV

Colleges and universities across the state of Illinois have been told to get ready for more potential financial difficulty. The Illinois Board of Higher Education recently met with Governor-elect Bruce Rauner's budget transition team to discuss cuts of up to 30 percent over the next 18 months. "It will be a severe set of actions that would take place if ultimately that's what the budget comes to," said Randy Dunn, SIU President. If this first budgetary model is passed, SIU President Randy Dunn says the school would be forced to cut scholarships, staff funding, maintenance and purchases. Dunn said, "You have to start picking and choosing. Otherwise, the entire operation suffers and nothing is able to function going forward." http://www.wsiltv.com/news/local/SIU-Plans-for-Possible-State-Budget-Cuts--283896141.html

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