Sunday, April 26, 2015

Budget committee to consider cutting board that oversees Wisconsin's for-profit colleges - Jessie Opoien, The Capital Times

A proposal to eliminate the board charged with overseeing for-profit schools in Wisconsin will come before the Legislature's budgeting committee on Friday. The Joint Finance Committee will vote on a proposal in Gov. Scott Walker's two-year budget that would scrap the Educational Approval Board, which oversees about 250 institutions enrolling about 60,000 students. In the 2013-14 reporting period, the schools received a total of more than $350 million in tuition. Supporters of the governor's proposal say it would lighten the regulatory and fiscal burden on these institutions. Opponents worry that the changes would remove protections that benefit both students and smaller institutions. The proposal would likely make Wisconsin the only state without oversight of for-profit colleges at a time when many others are ramping up their level of supervision over colleges that face heavy scrutiny throughout the nation.

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