Saturday, July 25, 2015

UW-L: What budget cuts means for the university - Ginna Roe, WXOW

UW- La Crosse is taking a closer look at what the new state budget means for the university. Governor Walker's spending plan cuts $250 million dollars from the U-W system. UW-L Chancellor Joe Gow said changes are inevitable for the university. He's asking all departments to cut 7 percent of their annual supplies budgets to help compensate for cuts. Also 45 vacant position that otherwise would have been filled will be left open. "People have asked me well what does that mean? We don't know. We have asked all of our people trim their budget by 7 percent. That might be fewer chemicals in the chemistry class, less to work with in the theater department. These are things we're going to have to work through," Gow said.

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