Thursday, August 13, 2015

SIU President Randy Dunn: ‘We are the stewards’ of the community By ÁINE O'CONNOR, St. Louis Public Radio

For public university systems in Illinois, the budget crisis looms especially large, Dunn said. Typically, the SIU system receives $200 million a year from the state. While that isn’t a majority of the system’s almost billion-dollar operating budget, it is a substantial chunk, and the lack of action in the Illinois government is already causing a squeeze. “To some degree, the impact is just a growing uncertainty about what is in the future for us,” Dunn said. “At this point, with no state budget enacted, we don’t know how much of that $200 million dollars we may see. And until that budget is decided upon—[and] there is no appropriations bill—we’re getting no state funding. Nothing is coming to us at this point.”

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