Monday, September 7, 2015

Walker's record on education - Carmel Martin,

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants you to believe he's the best presidential candidate to transform the country's education system. Addressing the Wisconsin Legislature earlier this year, Walker proclaimed, "We will ensure every child - regardless of background or birthright - has access to a quality education." But scratch beneath the surface of Walker's rhetoric and you'll find a long-running record of harmful actions that have weakened Wisconsin's public schools and made it increasingly difficult for students to succeed. The day before officially tossing his name into the 2016 presidential race, Walker signed a state budget that slashed $250 million from the University of Wisconsin system. This was hardly an act of fiscal conservatism: A month after he savaged higher-education funding, Walker signed a deal to provide $250 million in taxpayer funds to build an arena for the Milwaukee Bucks, a basketball team owned by several hedge-fund executives.

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