Monday, September 7, 2015

NIU President Baker emails campus on state budget - NIU Today

\We are looking at budget reductions, and our effort in this area is aimed primarily at reducing our cost of doing business – finding ways to work more efficiently, seeking cooperative relationships across departments and divisions, and reviewing contractor relationships to see where cuts can be made without compromising our ability to achieve our mission. I wish I could say when the parties in the state legislature and administration will come to terms on a budget resolution, but we simply don’t know. We suspect it could be take quite some time. During the board’s Finance, Facilities and Operations Committee meeting, the board approved an FY 2016 internal budget based on expected revenues totaling $388 million. This budget could be adjusted when the state budget is passed and final appropriations are known. For now, this budget reflects an 8.6 percent reduction from the FY 2015 budget approved by the board, which totaled $424.5 million. A reduction of this magnitude will require significant effort on the part of the university to do all the things I mentioned earlier to come into balance.

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