Thursday, October 1, 2015

University Eliminates 320 Jobs after $28M in State Funds Cut - Vanessa Barchfield, Arizona Public Media

The University of Arizona eliminated 320 positions to meet $28.4 million in state funding cuts this fiscal year, the administration reported Thursday. Across the university, 44 people were laid off, and another 64 positions were done away with via terminations, retirements and resignations. "What I’d call, a normal part of our business," said Gregg Goldman, the university's chief financial officer. "Only 44 employees, unfortunately, no longer have jobs at the university not by their choice." The budget cut report went to the Arizona Board of Regents meeting in Flagstaff Thursday. Another 120 vacant positions were eliminated, and 96 jobs were downgraded from full time. The cuts were made in colleges and departments university-wide. Goldman said the amount of work on campus remains the same, so with fewer faculty and staff, those who remain will shoulder heavier workloads.

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