Saturday, November 28, 2015

ISU college democrats urge lawmakers to pass a budget, save MAP grants - Joe Ragusa, WJBC

Funding for MAP grants is in limbo because of the state budget impasse and ISU students are urging lawmakers to do something about it. Political science student Zach Braun said students that rely on MAP grants can’t afford a cut to the program. “MAP grants go to pay for our tuition and the mandatory fees that Illinois State charges us to get an education here,” Braun said. “And they’re need-based, so this affects low-income students disproportionately.” ISU director of financial aid Jana Albrecht said students will be covered for the Fall semester. “So for Spring, there hasn’t been officially word yet, but we do believe we’re going to credit students accounts and just let everybody know that if (lawmakers) cut it, we’re going to have to reduce those awards,” Albrect said.

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