Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cost of higher education drives away community college students - Bryan Bonina, News-Times

Over the years, Presidents Obama and Bush, and Governor Malloy have credited community colleges as the place to go to get things done. It’s no wonder. It’s community colleges that have the turn-on-a-dime capability to implement new, market sensitive programs. It’s community colleges that can offer teenagers and adults alike the opportunity to strengthen their educational background so they can pursue a college education. It’s community colleges that offer an affordable quality education that can be a springboard to four-year schools and beyond. Yet, at budget time, it’s the community colleges that are at the end of the line and have to make do with leftover funds. This puts a college education out of reach of the people whose only hope for an education is community colleges like Naugatuck Valley, Housatonic and Norwalk.

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