Thursday, December 17, 2015

Western Illinois University FAQ on Budget Address - Western Illinois University

The University has implemented a retirement incentive program in order to realize long-term savings on payroll. To date, the retirement incentive program has resulted in over 50 individuals choosing to retire on December 31. This will result is some savings, though the total amount is not yet known until the staffing needs of the affected departments are evaluated. The University must also consider reductions to its programs, services and personnel. Through attrition measures, and layoffs, the University will begin to strategically reduce. The University will eliminate or phase out in the upcoming months select academic programs based on program enrollment and program reviews. The Provost's Office, along with the Faculty Senate, is coordinating the Academic Programs Elimination Review Committee as required by the faculty contract. The committee will begin reviewing and making recommendations for each of these programs. Students currently in these selected majors will be allowed to continue in the program and will graduate in their selected major. We will no longer accept new students in the programs selected for elimination.

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