Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NMU realignment plan cutting budget following enrollment decline - NICK BRENNAN, Upper Michigan Source

Northern Michigan University President Fritz Erickson recently announced a realignment plan for the university that has been approved by the board of trustees. The plan takes into account an enrollment drop of 400 students from last fall. It also cuts the university's budget by $2.5 million. A spokesperson for the university says non-essential faculty reductions and department reorganizing are also being considered, but the plan is not just about cutting back. "We're also making investments; a campus is always changing," said NMU Spokesperson Derek Hall. "President Erickson also announced a $1 million fund for academics to build and innovate with new programs. We're not stagnant, we're not cutting, chopping things that need to be here." http://uppermichiganssource.com/news/local/nmu-realignment-plan-cutting-budget-following-enrollment-decline

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