Friday, January 1, 2016

NYU Advises Student Not To Apply Because They Are Too Poor - CASEY QUINLAN, Think Progress

A New York University official’s response to an email from a senior at Brown University asking for a fee waiver has set off a firestorm on Twitter about low-income students’ access to higher education. The Brown University student, Joshua Jackson, asked for a waiver of the $65 fee NYU charges for sending an application, and received a response from Dan Sandford, director of graduate admissions at Tisch School of the Arts, saying they could not receive a waiver, which Jackson subsquently posted on Twitter and wrote “please explain.” Sandford first suggested that students who can’t afford the application fee shouldn’t apply and gives advice on how they should fund their education, writing, “Please do not take this the wrong way but if $65 is a hardship for you how will you be able to pay the tuition of $60,000?”

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