Thursday, December 31, 2015

Staff seeking solutions to budget woes at UM despite low morale - KEILA SZPALLER, Missoulian

When President Royce Engstrom recently said he believed the University of Montana wouldn't need to cut tenured faculty – or tenure-track faculty – some employees on campus breathed a sigh of relief. Maria Mangold, vice president of the Staff Senate, said that hasn't been the case among the estimated 1,000 staff workers at UM. The budget crisis has many staff members wanting to help find fixes, she said, but it also has them feeling stressed and on edge. "There has been no collective sigh of relief across the staff," Mangold said Tuesday. Last month, Engstrom proposed 201 employee cuts at UM to address a budget shortfall due to enrollment decreases. In his announcement, he counted 52 faculty decreases, including 25 positions already open.

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