Sunday, March 13, 2016

Penn State Warns Of Layoffs Due To Budget Crisis - Kara Seymour, Newtown Patch

Penn State is warning of serious layoffs if the budget stalemate isn’t resolved in Harrisburg. According to a statement from the university, 1,100 positions in the University’s Agricultural Research and Extension operations are on the line. “State lawmakers and the governor have not for the past eight months been able to come to agreement on the state budget, holding up funding for the Commonwealth’s four state-related universities, a combined amount of more than $600 million. For Penn State, not only is its education funding in jeopardy, but also its funding for agricultural activities across the state,” the university said in a statement. According to an analysis by the College of Agricultural Sciences, the more than 1,100 jobs that are in jeopardy are based across the state, from faculty to part-time extension positions.

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