Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Students unite to oppose proposed tuition freeze - Zeynab Day, Eastern Progress

Costs for higher education may be on the rise, but a proposed Kentucky Senate bill to freeze tuition is not the answer, voiced Eastern’s Student Government Association (SGA) after voting in mid-February to oppose the bill. EKU’s SGA is teamed up with eight other state institutions and EKU administrators to combat rising tuition costs and speak out against state legislation that could have a negative impact on both students and the university. “A bill like this would cripple regional colleges,” said EKU SGA President Katie Scott. “Senate Bill 75 only treats a symptom but doesn’t address the real problem—state budget cuts to higher education.” She said the rising cost of tuition is a concern, but a tuition freeze would only make the problem worse and doesn’t address the money lost due to state budget cuts.

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