Monday, March 14, 2016

UC Berkeley Budget Woes Could Mean Dissolution of College of Chemistry - LiLi Tan, NBC

New debt threatens old establishments, as painful measures are underway at the University of California at Berkeley to resolve its massive budget deficit. One route the school could take to rectify its $150 million deficit: dissolving its nearly 150-year-old College of Chemistry. “Chemists from around the world apply to Berkeley because our college is first class – it’s the best in the world. It doesn’t make any sense to me why they would want to get rid of the history behind that,” senior Jonathan Melville said. Despite graduating this year, the chemistry major says he cares about giving other chemistry students the same quality of education he received. He says folding the department into the College of Letters and Science and the College of Engineering will make chemistry students feel like just another number on a big campus.

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