Sunday, April 3, 2016

As state tries to make CUNY whole, a massive gap remains - James B. Milliken, Crain's

As state budget deliberations approach the April 1 deadline, the entire City University of New York community—students, faculty, staff, donors, alumni and business leaders—has voiced deep concern over the uncertainty of funding necessary for CUNY to continue serving 550,000 students in New York City. There had been questions about whether the university’s funding would be cut dramatically if the state and city could not agree on respective levels of support (both contribute to CUNY). Gov. Cuomo has made it quite clear that there will be no reductions in CUNY’s budget, and we’re grateful for that commitment. With enrollment at record numbers—we have 275,000 degree students and another 275,00 students in continuing education courses—and our labor contracts at least six years out of date, continuing CUNY’s record of improvements and momentum requires new investment.

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