Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Budget cuts and staff layoffs at U. of Chicago " - SAM RAPPAPORT, Hyde Park Herald

University spokesman Jeremy Manier confirmed that staff layoffs would be a consequence of budget cuts but did not disclose how many staff members would be dismissed. “The University of Chicago is committed to supporting an ambitious and growing academic enterprise with broad impact, while limiting administrative costs,” Manier said. “This will ensure a financially sustainable basis for the ongoing investments the university is making in support of faculty, academic initiatives, and comprehensive support for students. While the cost containment will be achieved primarily through attrition and controls on hiring, some reduction of current staff positions is also necessary.” “A lot of confusion and misperception is going around,” Otten said. “There’s unrest and a feeling of discouragement and there’s not much of a sense of any recourse. It’s all happening really fast.”

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