Wednesday, June 1, 2016

UM cuts for 2017 higher than expected for College of Humanities and Sciences - KEILA SZPALLER, Billings Gazette

The College of Humanities and Sciences at the University of Montana is facing cuts that will amount to “several million dollars” from its 2017 fiscal year budget, according to Dean Chris Comer. After making reductions last year, the dean anticipated further requests to trim, but the college received reduction requests earlier this month that “frankly are on the high side, scary high,” he said Wednesday. Although Comer said the final dollar figure isn’t clear, the reduction for the college could amount to an estimated 50 percent in a department’s operational costs — or a 30 percent decline in its instructional dollars. "It's several million dollars, and that's not a trivial cut to absorb in one year," he said.

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