Thursday, July 14, 2016

Coursera president: bursting the Moocs bubble a boon for us - Chris Havergal, Times Higher Education

Daphne Koller says online platform reached millions of learners largely because of the publicity, both good and bad, about Moocs. Some academics enjoyed nothing more than seeing the “Moocs bubble” burst. But it turns out that those who scoffed at massive open online courses may have unwittingly been playing into the hands of the innovation they were disparaging. Daphne Koller, president and co-founder of Coursera, told Times Higher Education that the hype around online courses and whether they would destroy traditional universities had been the biggest driver of student recruitment to her company, the world’s largest Mooc platform. Koller said Coursera – which now has 18 million users and 140 course providers, including some of the world’s leading universities – was “making significant, steady progress in democratising access to education”.

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