Thursday, July 28, 2016

SIU at the crossroads: Leaders weigh future of system's flagship Carbondale campus - Molly Parker, The Southern

For starters, President Dunn and Interim Chancellor Colwell both emphasized that SIU isn’t going anywhere. While acknowledging that tough conversations are going to be necessary, both also said they have no reservations about guaranteeing that SIU will remain a vibrant part of the fabric of Southern Illinois for decades to come. That said, some changes are likely, and some of those changes are likely to be met with resistance. Without giving specifics, Colwell and Dunn said those changes could ultimately include reductions in academic offerings in order to narrow the focus of the Carbondale campus, as well as employee reductions to more appropriately reflect the shrinking undergraduate student population that has been on a downward trajectory for years — long before the current protracted budget fight began under the Capitol dome.

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